Trang An


Trang An Grottoes: The Inland Halong Bay</p> <p>Trang An Grottoes in Tam Coc have earned themselves the nickname of the ‘Inland Halong Bay’ thanks to their spectacular scenery of looming limestone peaks punctuated by rivers and rice paddies. The highlight of this area are the 50 cross-water caves which can be reached by gliding along the river in a row-boat.</p> <p>Opportunities to get close to nature are plentiful in Trang An, which is home to 600 different species of flora and over 200 types of fauna, many of which are rare. Rowing through the grottoes is a one of a kind experience; the quiet fresh air of the highlands perfectly compliment the sound of birds chirping and the oars stirring the clear water. Look closely as you float by to see wild white goats grazing on the forested mountains that rise up from the water.</p> <p>The nearby town of Kenh Ga is well-worth a visit for its hot springs. Maintaining a toasty year-round temperature of 53o C, the springs natural minerals are wonderful for relaxing bathing and good for health too.