[Tiếng Việt ở đây]

Located in Dong Giang District, Quang Nam province, Bho Hoong village is one of the most beautiful villages in the mid mountain and covered with trees and clouds. This is a few of the villages remaining the unique traditional culture.

The inhabitants live mainly on slash-and-burn cultivation, knitting, weaving, hunting and breeding, growing fruit trees such as jackfruit, pineapple, orange… in the garden. They are always friendly, open-minded. From the eyes of the expectant children, the gentle smiles of the elderly, or the shy look of the girls … express the hospitality of the inhabitants of this mountain.

The inhabitants are keen on their works.

The baby of Co Tu Ethnic Minority with innocent and bright eyes.

The children are dancing and playing on the village roads.

The beautiful nature has not been interfered and deploited by human beings and is one of the most unmissing attractive spots for visitors. From the immense hill of green tea stretching over the big area of mountain, springs, gigantic waterfalls, the stilt houses with unique architecture hidden in the branches of trees to the wild flowers growing on the road sides bear the simple and rustic beauty.

The highland area, the wake-up morning, outside the rain fills in the ways creating a dreaming and mysterious scene.

The special thing which everybody must try once visting here is participating in the interesting camp-fire burning activities and folk music to understand more about the customs of the ethinic minority here.

The blond light amidst the mountain, when the melodies raise up, everybody gathers and dances, sings, try “Can” wine together… and exchanges warm smiles. The day ends with the good sleeping inside the stilt house of the Bho Hoong villagers. The beautiful images of gigantic nature, the friendship of the local inhabitants and the songs resonating amidst the mountain are the things left in travellers’ minds.

Photo: Hoi An Express